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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I don't think the review was useful, at all.

It simply restates some press-release facts, and shows some side by side pictures.

No commentary on the driving experience vs. the E64, handling, etc.
Came here looking for that as well.

Last week I had the opportunity to briefly test out the new M6, unfortunately it was a convertible but I can't complain. I can offer a bit of comparison as my father had a 10-cyl M6 coupe a couple years ago.

I think everyone who has experienced the S85 must face the unfortunate realization that it was quite possibly the peak of BMW engines, save perhaps for the V12 although it doesn't get to go into anything but the beastly 760Li (got to drive that at the same event - what a machine).

The S63tu is every bit as monsterous and does provide much more usable punch in the low end, where the S85 really felt like a dog. My complaint is that while they've done a great job with sizing the turbo for minimal lag, minimal does not mean nonexistant, and the lag is noticable at gear changes especially. The new SMG is fantastic and almost makes up for it, but the imperceptibility of the transmission changing gears only highlights what you can feel - the lapse in power delivery from the motor.

With the S85 it was the other way around - the engine waited for the trans - but it felt amazing even if accompanied by a bang (which is avoidable with the Tiff Needell method, see Fifth Gear E60 M5 review). When exiting a corner the response was ferocious, and unfortunately the S63tu lacks slightly. Thus is the downfall of an engine that relies on compressors.

The V8 sound is nice, I don't mind the pops on downshifting, but the V10 was so intoxicating and unique it cannot compare. Winding out to 8,250 rpm is another unforgettable thing and undeniably gives the bigger motor a leg up.

Personally I would rather have the S85, but overall no one will argue that the new M6 is a step forward. The interior is absolutely a revolution compared to the almost-too-simple previous design. I also loved the retro-style steering wheel. For me, though, the S85 is proof of the brilliance of naturally aspirated motors, and is something I'll hopefully never forget.