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My M6 M Power Experience at Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi) Experience

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First, I want to thanks Jason for help me in this thread. This is my first important thread in BIMMERPOST. I hope that you enjoy.

This is about my experience at the M6 M Power Experience [official program details]

Today I have a M3 E90 2011 and a new X3 for my wife. Here in Brazil the cars are too expensive - for example, the X3 with the sport pack has the price tag of US$ 150.000,00.

Being a BMW customer, I was invited by BMW Brazil to attend at the M6 M Power Experience launch event at the Yas Marina F1 Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

When I planned the trip, thought stop at Munich to see the BMW-Welt and try a 6er using the BMW On-Demand, and then go to Abu Dhabi. Arriving in Germany, we went to BMW-Welt. It’s a nice place (some pictures attached). I ordered an 640 Coupe during all the day - with a nice price (from 9 to 18). We then went to Austria to see a factory - our job here in Brazil is make eletrical cables. After the factory we arrived in Salzburg. During the trip, we reviewed the 6er in the Autobahns without speed limits (sorry for the blur in the photo).

During the afternoon we was worried about the time and we sent an email to BMW On-Demand. The return : “Ok. You can stay with the car during the night. Bring tomorrow - the charge will be equal a two hours for the night. Enjoy the great weather!”. This is the kind of thing that the customer loves. Total price with 500km : EUR 286,68.

After that, Abu Dhabi.

First day was free, only with the night from 6:15pm reserved for a BMW dinner. BMW has provided a lot of people to help us. Thanks to Marcel (Sales for the South America) and all the others (Denise, Lisa, Sara, etc...) by the warm reception.

We stay at the pool with 47 degree Celsius and cold water being sprayed.

At the time, they take us into boats (with cold drinks) until a restaurant far away - 20 minutes in boat at full speed. Then they launch the anchors and we watched from the sea some videos of the M6 - and then the car appears on the stage (at the beach). Sorry - no photos.

After the dinner we can see the cars and take any doubts.

The day after was "the day".

First we take the cars in front of the hotel. A lot of M6. Half coupe and half convertible. First we take the coupe and start the drive - was a scenic drive in Abu Dhabi. We work in doubles, with drivers changing positions during the day for everyone test the car in many conditions.

We drive from 7:30 until 16:00 . And in the hot weather conditions of Abu Dhabi. I need to recognize that the car works fine! All time with the air conditioning at maximum.

Then the night. We rest from 16:00 until 19:00 and then we went to the track. They divided us in five groups - 3 groups with M6, 1 group with M3 and 1 group with M5. Really amazing.

All the groups did 2 laps behind the intructor . For a group with 5 cars, this means 10 laps. And we did do this 2 times.

First with the M5, then M6, then M6 again, then M3 (with a small circuit) and then M6 again.

It was a fantastic tour of 5 hours of driving in Yas Marina at full speed - forcing the instructors to really push the people to use the cars.

At midnight I was very tired. But the funny was not over. In the third day they take us to the desert where we drive with X5M and X6M in the sands. Very nice.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you.

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