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This is not entirely related but I was hoping you can shed some light. Been bugging me a while now as no one or available cars at my dealership seem to be able to confirm. What are the options needed in order for the iDrive Office function to be enabled? I have specified already 6NF (Smartphone integration), 6NK (Bluetooth) and 609 (NAV Pro) for my upcoming order. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to confirm that those are the options required to enable Office and I have not come across anything else that is specific to Office. I know I will need to wait for IOS6 for emails and SMS to appear but that's just round the corner. Appreciate any advise you can share.
I've attached a pic of my original order sheet that shows the order ID codes. Looks like I have iPod and USB Adapeter 6FL, BMW TeleServices 6AA, TeleService Control 6AB, Smart Phone Integration 6NF, BMW Apps 6NR, and Combox Controller 6VC. I think the key requirement is Smart Phone Integration as Office isn't specifically part of BMW Apps, and it works via BT so the Combox and USB codes shouldn't apply. It is possible that there is something that we get standard in US spec cars that isn't listed here, but I think this list is pretty thorough given the number of items on here listed as "no charge" (N/C).

I don't have much experience with Office as I've never owned a BlackBerry and been able to use it, but I have high hopes for the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 integrating MAP for SMS and e-mails. I'll be thrilled when I can access Siri through some aspect of the system without having to touch the phone. With the phone in my pocket it is hard to find the Home button. She works decently for reading and sending texts (not perfect but good enough) but she doesn't do anything for e-mails - which, admittedly, is less important to me. I'll be happy when I can get to Siri without driving down the road looking like I'm doing something inappropriate when I'm really just trying to find that stupid button on my phone while it is in my pocket

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Will the 2013 models come installed with the latest update?
I'm not sure. Someone on another board mentioned that the current update was actually made available in 12/2011, but I don't believe my car had it before I updated it two days ago (build date was somewhere around 12/20/2011 and finished production 01/04/2012). You can always go to the "Current Software" page (get there by following the same path demonstrated in the video), and it should show you the ID number for the current version. The PDF document on the new update (available on the same page where you download the actual software) should show the numbers, so you could compare the two versions that way. Sorry I can't give a better answer than that...
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