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Originally Posted by andreo
Good stuff. Learn something new from here every day. Do album art from iTunes get imported as well using this method?
Nope. That's another downside of the hard drive. Album art is only available from the iPod/iPhone using the USB or the dock.

I'm really not a fan of the hard drive as I find it more of a pain to navigate, and importing large quantities of music often takes longer than most of my daily trips (this is annoying because the car has to be on to import music, and I don't have a garage to lock it up while I've got the car running). I put music on there becaus I just wanted to see how it worked, and it also gives me a backup source when my old iPhone that stays in the car overheats and leaves me without an audio source - aside from AM/FM/Satellite.

If they could redesign the software to the point that it navigates like the iPod and you get cover art, then I'd be all over it as it would get around my overheating issue. I feel like the hard drive is a lot like putting an Otterbox on an iPhone. Daily use is cumbersome and annoying, and I really don't want to mess with something so aggravating on a regular basis. I'd rather pay to replace my iPhone if I drop it than spend every day being inconvenienced. I guess what I'm saying in my crappy metaphor lol is the hard drive is good in theory but its execution leaves something to be desired...