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Originally Posted by Bönz
That's good news as I will be getting the iPhone 5 (still a little leery of giving up my BB tactile keyboard). My BB currently displays the person's picture thru iDrive - so maybe. Thanks itinj6.
No prob. I didn't know BB does that now. My wife has the newest BB and I haven't seen it yet. She probably doesn't have it set up.

As for the keypad, it is a PITA to type on the iPhone IMO, but I've gotten used to it. Auto-correct does help with it. I used to be a BB user but now when I go type on my wife's phone, the keys seem too small. I kinda half to fingernail it or I hit two keys minimum at the same time lol.

I've been following the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 closely for the text and email MAP. It is the one feature that iPhone didn't have that made me regret switching. I've missed a few messages on the go that I wish I'd seen sooner. I don't advocate driving at staring at phone messages. Stoked that this will be available on the next go around.