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Originally Posted by crowed View Post
BMW customers are consistently happy with how their cars perform, and are willing to pay the premium for it. It's a package-- the looks, the performance (high 4s for 0-60 times in a car thats sub 55K?), the roundel, familiarity of the interior, and maybe even relationships with a dealer that have been developed over time. I'm glad that Audi stepped up their game in recent years and is giving BMW something to think about. I am an engineer in the auto industry and BMW / Audi are in constant communication with each other and other manufacturers. They are competitors, but they learn from each other. If I was BMW, I wouldn't play the price game with Audi and I don't think they will. BMW needs to come up with better technology, or differentiate itself from Audi with coming up with the same technology but make it more reliable (BMW working with Toyota anyone?) They need to please their core customers by making it possible to get the old BMW feel (steering, throttle, exhaust note, etc) and also make it flexible for the everyday customer (comfort mode, lighter steering, better MPG.) I haven't researched the Audi as much, but at that price point, does it have flexible driver options like this?
Spot on.
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