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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post

Did we read the same article?
The one where the A4 had better acceleration, shorter braking, better ride and handling, and a better and more communicative steering system?
That's the article I read.

Look at the final results sheet.
Leave out the "vehicle" and "fun to drive" numbers.
The Audi still beat the BMW.
The BMW didn't lose because of it's price, although that price certainly begs the question of why so high.
The comparison article at the lead of this thread was about the A7 and 640. Not exactly right on the money for the f30 board.

Then someone posted a review of a luxury line 328 that complained about lack of sportiness. Curious choice of a car to evaluate for sportiness, given that there is a sport line with sportier features.

My mom drives a 2012 A4. It's a nice car, performance isn't anything special though. The current 328i beats it in performance and MPG--though at a higher price. I'm sure Audi will keep improving their line, so things can change in a couple years.