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Originally Posted by darksilkx1 View Post

This is getting really old. The only explanation I can give for BMW's current strategy is that they decided that the market for the Ultimate Driving Machine was shrinking while the market for luxo barges ala Lexus and MB was growing. And so decided to cede that small slice of the pie to Audi.

How else can you explain them gift wrapping their lunch for Audi? This has to be the sixth or seventh recent comparison where an Audi is picked over a BMW by C&D who were historically BMW lovers. I have this bad feeling that the next A4 will thoroughly thrash the F30 in all respects.

Well whatever....
This is a twist. The BMW is the better looker inside and out, and the Audi the better driving performer.
Audi makes great automobiles.
BMW can't and doesn't always win every comparo.

The new A4 should be nice, but I have a feeling it won't trounce the F30 328i. The current S4 out accels the new 335i. The new S4 may trounce it even more. By then though the F30 will likely get an update and the N55 will get a good power pump to better compete.

I am surprised to read that the Audi has better throttle response as I find the 335i's response to be very good. Comparing it to the S4, the 335i doesn't give up response at all, and the V6 SC has very good response as well.

The article says the ZF 8spd was quicker and better programmed in the Audi, which is completely opposite of what I experienced in the A4 2.0 with the same ZF 8spd. I drove the A4 and a few minutes later drove the 328i.
Even though the trans is the same in both cars, the 328i's AT was quicker, and much more responsive. Manual mode was no contest. The A4 in manual mode felt like the old sluggish 6sd AT.

The Audi 3.0 SC is no slouch of an engine at all. It's an excellent engine, well, except for it's love of carbon build up.
I wonder if Audi has addressed that?

The N55 in this GC has a power upgrade and still got beat by a larger margin than the 335i got beat by the S4. And that 335i has the standard power N55. Odd. Maybe something was wrong with that trans, or it just is what it is. It's that old Audi quattro advantage.
20" tires SUCK for performance. I don't know why they bother with all that unsprung weight.