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That's odd. I had tried connecting an iPhone 4S using the white Apple cable to an F12, F13 and even a brand new F30 at my dealer without any luck in getting the cover art to show on the iDrive display. Like Southern, I buy all my music from iTunes. All three cars were equipped with the 6NF Smartphone Integration option. What am I missing? Could it be the 4S or perhaps some outdated software in the cars?

You guys are going to go nuts. My daily commute to the office is less than 15 minutes each way and I am already taking the longest possible route without breaking any speed limits... well, mostly when I can help it.

I have been driving the E92 since 2007 and still loving every single minute of it. However, one look at the F13 last Christmas, I knew I had to get it. My regular guy at the dealer just handed me the key fob without having to say a single word. I was completely defenseless against those lines and curves. I know, it made completely no financial sense whatsoever, nor any rationale for that matter but it had to be done. I believe you folks are the handful of people on the planet who can relate to the feeling.