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Thank you for your feedback Southern6er22 and Superspeed.

I agree with you both that the most compelling application probably would be internet music. The rest of the apps are much better implemented on the iPhone or the iPad. With A2DP over BT, I suppose I can stream music or even soundtracks from videos on the iPad to the surround system.

Wasn't aware that the Wiki app is location-sensitive. Certainly sounds cool to get location info where the car travels. I can imagine it being useful when you do get the opportunity to drive to new and unfamiliar spots. Unfortunately for my case, Macau is a tiny tiny place, populated by giant casino complexes. Once you have seen one of them, you have pretty much seen them all.

I am still planning on getting the cradle. I understand that you need the cradle to get album art on the iDrive screen. Superspeed, does album art appear on your F12 when your iPhone is placed on the cradle? Just wondering whether I need BMW Apps for the Album Art feature.