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Thanks for the kind comments. Responses like yours reaffirm that starting the blog was a good, helpful idea and not just an obnoxious ego-fest for a kid babbling about his car.

Don't worry about BMW Apps. I've never used it. I've played with it some sitting in the driveway, but I haven't cared enough to bother while driving. I think the music features (MOG, Pandora, etc.) could be useful, but I don't as I just buy it all through iTunes and keep it on my iPod/iPhone. I haven't even bothered to get the cradle because it's $270, I'd never use it as I know I'd forget my iPhone every time I got out of the car, and I'd have to replace it next time I get a new iPhone. It's really not a big deal for my use. Maybe others are using it, but the utility of the things like Facebook, Wiki, Calendar, etc. are limited and not worth bothering. I've posted to FB from it once, and i immediately commented after that saying it would be my last post because it was the most obnoxious thing in the world. Not too surprising that most people feel that way about a post saying "Southern is driving through Mobile, AL listening to Aerosmith, and it's 98 degrees."