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Insightful as usual Southern6er22. The matte look certainly is different in a sea of glossy cars. However, I am also reminded that the 6er already stands out as it is uncommon where I am located. I eventually figured that it can hold its own without any help from an uncommon paint finish. Perhaps the next car if the current frozen fad remains over next couple of years and becomes more mature to maintain. Playing it safe for now.

Thanks Superspeed and pleased to make your acquaintance. Good tip on the wrap. May be a challenge to find a service provider here in Macau. Yes, all the necessities are in. Tried hard to get the 6NR BMW Apps included to no avail. According to the dealer, 6NR is not available for order in my region. The same applies to the 5AG Lane Change Warning. Would have loved to include BMW Apps even though I am not sure how much use I will get out of it. How do you guys find BMW Apps so far? Useful?