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Thanks for all the comments now Ive had the car about a month a short review follows.

The car is fantastic to drive in fact to me its amazing. I have that permanent smile and feeling of always wanting to drive it (not dissimilar to my Jag XF I was never sure that could be replicated it is). The standard and quality of finish manufacture is excellent it feels quality throughout. For a diesel the exhaust roar is amazing I know its no V8 or a Maser but for an oil burner well just select sport plus floor it and it sounds special.
Its fast very fast when needed and also cruises sedately in eco-plus. Sure footed even in the wet. In comparison to my XF (20) the ride is very BMW ish (19 RFT) so its firm and hard on uneven surfaces certainly no magic carpet or jaguaresque but Im ok with that. The comfort seats take some getting used to and setting up they are firm too if not hard and my front passengers find them too firm on long journeys. As with any low profile tyres I thought going for 19 would help the lovely alloys are vulnerable (two cases of kerb rash already completely my fault!

Love the tech pretty much sorted now - blackberry works best near perfect in fact iPhone is a touch temperamental on apps some times. Media options brilliant I have upgraded prof system not as good as my Bower & Wilkins in Jag but the Bang & O sound system was so expensive.

Biggest regret is not ticking comfort access as due to health and safety very limited functionality from key fob so no auto close windows auto power fold mirrors or auto roof open/close.

Most importantly the sun has decided to shine and we have 30C so its top down and away we go. Here in UK the car is very rare indeed if fact not seen a vert at all except in my local BMW showroom! My wife claims the seats are too firm for longer journeys and she fines the car uncomfortable oh well cant please all of them all of the time my 7 year old loves the car. The car sits lower than Im use to and it does not like speed humps and Ive scraped the side skirt underneath already! A very enjoyable car my only concern is perhaps that it generates a little too much attention and not really sure I like the signals it may give but what the hell Im enjoying my ride.
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