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Originally Posted by Victor Laszlo View Post
Hey Guys -

first time post. Couple of questions about the 2013 650i:

1. for 2012, when you ordered the M Sport package, you were limited to certain colors (Carbon Black etc). Is that the same for 2013, or are you able to order the full range of colors?

2. Is the B&O sound upgrade worth it over the Premium Sound?

First of all, welcome!

There are still some limitations, like Carbon Black and Imola Red are exclusive to the M Sport, but they will now allow you to combine Individual exterior colors (and interior as well - separately) with the M Sport. There was no way to combine any portion of Individual with the M Sport Package for 2012 models. Also, you can't get Black Sapphire and a few other colors with M Sport - weird restrictions, but I've become accustomed to this with BMW these days.

Premium Sound is a really good system. I do, however, regret passing up the B&O. The source of my regret is the fact that I passed up a cool, good-looking toy that adds another level of exclusivity to the 6er. The sound is noticeably better as well. That being said, they didn't make Premium worse to make B&O sound better - B&O is just that good. I'd add it in a heartbeat if I could build my car again. I guess your question was "Is it worth it?." The answer is pretty subjective, but I think so as it is a small price to pay for what it adds to the entire experience of the car.

Hope this helps.