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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Amazing!! I don't think I'll ever get over my blue craze for cars, but if I ever want/need something less flashy and sporty than my current Le Mans Blue, I think this could well be my pick. The NY Auto Show photos seem to suggest that it's a deep midnight blue under indirect lighting but with a very full, inky undertone that appears under direct lighting, with a lot of turquoise fleck as well. But of course, the computer monitor, the camera, and the fact that the car was photographed under auto show lighting all mean that the real-world appearance might be substantially different, so I'm wondering what your impressions since nobody else seems to have this color. Your current pics make it look almost exactly like Imperial Blue, so I'm really looking forward to outdoor sunlight pictures. Can't wait, and congratulations!
Grats on you car . I don't know how you got your car so soon! I'm also interested in seeing more pictures of this car in sunlight since I almost picked this color before settling on the Frozen Bronze.