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Cool "6SANITY"!!! 2012 BMW 650 | New 22" CV3 Wheels | Vid & Shoot

"6SANITY"!!! 2012 BMW 650 | New 22" CV3 Wheels | The Clearport

This 2012 BMW 650 is so full of win that I had a tough time coming up with a title to describe all the awesome that will be shared. "6SANITY" came to me being a basketball fan and it accurately leads you to know the epicness you will see. First here is the incredible video featuring our new 22" CV3 wheels at the "Clearport"

This is one breathtaking combination of vehicle, fitment, wheel choice and location. The new 6 series already is head turning and this owner took things to the next level featuring our 22" wheels and a lowered suspension.

The future classic CV3 has been enlarged to 22" to fit larger Grand Coupes like the 6 series. Fitment is perfect and this wheel will make you stand out in a wonderful way.

From the rear you can see the more aggressive stance from the rear as the CV3 gives this new 650 the proper fitment it needs.

This 650 means the business!! With the new 22" CV3 the sport stands out much more pronounced. This is one insane combination, it is 6SANITY!

You can click any picture to go the full gallery of the 6SANITY photoshoot..