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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
As cars become more and more computerized, their technology evolves more and more rapidly because of it. If BMW sat back and did not keep up with the latest advancements, then they would lose ground to their competitors. Also, these competitors introduce new models on different schedules than BMW and they invariably come packed with new features. There is no room for waiting around just to keep existing owners copasetic.

I am sure you are not the only one annoyed by this phenomenon. However, I don't think you will escape it by choosing a different brand of vehicle. So perhaps is is best to just accept it as the price of doing business and try to enjoy the car you have. Just my thoughts.
I'm not sure it's evolving as much as it's optimizing profit. Looks to me like they are using the Bill Gates/Microsoft method to riches. Create something great but only give out some of i every year, forcing people to upgrade.
Hey, it works for Microsoft.