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Originally Posted by bradh2238
I think you saved the money on the LEDs and 20" rims to pay the speeding tickets. Red : the color we all want, but just dont have the stones to buy.
Lol . Haven't had the pleasure Of speaking to any law enforcement yet . I didn't get LEDs cause I wasn't educated on exactly what it Is. I thought it was led light bulbs not a whole system. If I did it over I would DEFINITELY get the LEDs . But the 20s I wasn't a fan of them . I usually get the 20's with my cars . But this set wasn't appealing to me for some reason.
And as far as red . I get all cars in red ( last car was a 2009 x5 4.8 sport in vermillion red) it wasn't an option in 2009) I had to order it from Germany .