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Originally Posted by southern6er22 View Post
I just did a write up on my blog about the 2012 v. 2013 6er topic. Let me know what you think (I started another thread on the 6er page to further discuss what I wrote).

WOW>>>>>>> Your blog is incredible man! I couldn't stop reading it.

I ordered my Alpine White/Ivory/Fine Line Oak 650i M-Sport this past Saturday. I didn't get the B&O, didn't feel it was worth it. I got M-Sport, Adaptive Drive, Exec Pack and LED Lights. It came out a lil cheaper than a 2012 model with the same equipment. The 2013 Exec pack is a really good value coming from BMW. Salesman says 6-8 weeks now. I hate waiting. Can't wait to feel the upgraded power as the 2012 model felt powerful enough for me on the many test drives I took.

One question though, why xdrive if you're in Alabama?


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