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[PICS] & [VIDS] F12 M6 in black

Today i went down to my local dealership and there it was. The new F12 M6.
I don't want to say much about the pictures, because there are way better than mine, but i have to tell you, although i guess everybody knows, it looks sooooo amazing!
I just couldn't get my eyes off it!
Can't tell you which black it is. (Sorry but i don't know the differences of Citrine Black and Black Sapphire in person )

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Anyways, along came a very friendly salesman who i asked kindly if he would start the 'vert up for me and so here we are!
People always complain about the sounds of the new V8 Biturbo engine. Actually i can't understand why. Sure it is not comparable to the shouting V10, but to me it really sounds astonishing! Really bassy but anyhow still a bit screeching in a good way. (In the second video there are some little rev's at the end)

I hope you dont mind my long, and first(!), post and you enjoyed a bit
Greetings from Germany!