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So let me get this straight you are mad because a company is constantly trying to improve rather then stay stagnant.

I never understand when people buy cars to keep up with joneses or to prove I have the latest and greatest and you do not...ha.. ha.. haha... ha.

All cars go through life cycle changes to keep the sales going and interest spiked. I would be more upset if a company sat idled and did not improve their products. Heck I wish the M3 engine had a power bump because with time it was being out classed by its rivals. Where 414hp was sufficient at one time now at least 450hp is required on paper for equal comparison. At least BMW M did not sit on their behinds and did give a useful comp. pkg to keep the car more competitive.

Now if you are one of those that has to have the latest and greatest at all time. Then you know the saying......"you gotta pay to play"

On the other hand I am secure in what I bought and it does not make me feel bad that I do not have the latest and greatest. Because when I bought the car at that time those were the options and gizmos that I liked and were sufficient for me. Just cause some thing new came along it does not mean my thing is still satisfies my needs more then enough......all the while I can appreciate the improvement in new product.

My 745i was old news compare to 750i ditto for my 545i vs 550i or 335i vs 335is. However, I am happy in what I have until I decide to move on. Be content pal and not stress over every little change. Because girls and cars both lose lust factor with each passing year....however lust is replaced with love and respect (:

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I think BMW is losing it. Don't get me wrong, I love their cars. But why all of these major changes year to year? It seems to be more frequent as time goes on. For example, the redesigned dash changes recently announced on the f10 5 series from 2012-2013. The new changes and the 40hp difference for the 2013 650i vs the 2012 model. The 2008 E90 m3 had old idrive and old tail lights. In 2009, new idrive and LCI tailights. I understand they are "improvements" but from a customer standpoint, its annoying and expensive to keep up with. We buy BMW's for luxury and performance and to own a high quality vehicles, not to have an "obsolete" model after 8 months. Am I the only one annoyed by this?
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