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[quote=Soomro;11931829]Diver.......people who can afford these cars dont park them on street. they have big mensions and they use valet parking

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197 inches long, that is one big car, over two feet longer than my 135i. I don't know where you can park that thing on Sicily./QUOTE]

I was just in Sicily. The streets are narrow and driving any car wider than something like a one series is difficult. Actually, the big shots who own large cars have drivers. There isn't much valet parking because there isn't anyplace for the valets to park cars quickly. One can safely say they introduced cars into Italy without a thought as to where they would put them when they were not moving. Driving down the street people will just stop in front of you with no warning to double or triple park while they run an errand.

In a week behind the wheel of a Kia rent-a-wreck I learned to drive like an Italian. That is a scary thing, and I am still getting over it now that I am back in Texas. On the last day when I needed to catch a plane, the Kia would not start. Someone from the hotel had to jump it.