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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
As far as I know the N20 in its strongest 28i iteration makes 245hp, not 300.
Right, that's true, in factory configuration. But I was talking about aftermarket upgrades we have seen from a couple different manufacturers already. They are very close to 300hp for the N20. Why was I comparing aftermarket? Because in many ways, that is exactly what Alpina is. They take BMW's engines and modify them for more power.

And the N55 would not be reliable with anything above 350/360, certainly not to the extent Alpina would like it to be. There's a very good reason BMW and Alpina continue to use the N54 for the higher hp applications.
BMW is axing the N54 this year, and yet I firmly believe we will continue to see 400hp+ I6 powered cars from various tuners. They will simply turn up the R&D on the N55 and get it to put out similar numbers to the N20 on a per-displacement basis. Maybe it will require other modifications that the N20 does not. But they will nevertheless find a way to do it.