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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
6CG is here to stay, it may one day replace the need for the 7er actually as that thing has seen its day and its too old school to be necessary anymore, you can get a 5er thats 95% the size of it with the same options and its cheaper, they may even one day bring the 5er Li across and then the naile would be sealed forever for the 7er.
Agree it's here to stay, but disagree with your assessment of the 7-series. I'm biased of course. And even bringing the Li version of the 5er here isn't going to supplant the rear-seat experience in an Li 7er, full stop. You've obviously never enjoyed a long drive in the back seat of an Li 7er with the luxury seating package. I have that option on my 740Li and am frequently told by passengers (friends and family alike) that it's the most comfortable experience they've ever had in the back seat of a car. Leg room (and head room) for DAYS and infinitely adjustable temperature controlled seats.

Now if they were to stretch the 6er Grand Coupé and actually give it some rear leg room, you might have a contender for replacing the 7-series (specifically the Li variant), but the 5er ain't gonna do it.

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