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I think you two are saying the same thing, Scott He is convinced that the 4-series GC is coming to the US, and you are reaffirming the point.
BMW will import the Gran Coupe 4er to North America.

In terms of timing, when will the F35/6 be revealed relative to the F32? And what about the F85/6? When will it be revealed relative to the F82?
You are looking at a period of about twelve to eighteen months, possibly a year for the M variant. M6 Gran Coupe for example arrives this time next year.

Lastly, can you tell us whether or not the F14M will have the same double-bubble style roof as the F12M? If so, will that styling cue trickle down to the F82 and F85/6?
The M6 Coupe and Convertible are Segler cars - meaning, like the 1M Coupe they were conceived under the leadership of Dr. Kay Segler .
Each M Division boss leaves their signature on each vehicle and with the M6 Coupe and Convertible you can see the genes of the 1M Coupe.

The M3 and M4 although started early development under Dr. Segler. The M3 and M4 are now being continued by the new M manager Dr. Friedrich Nitschke so it is his signature that will feature on these cars. Each M leaves a distinctive template and always tries to bring something new whether in a appearance , engineering or material or sometimes a new model for a new segment like the 1M or the forthcoming X4M which is something BMW has never offered before - A high performance activity vehicle in the entry segment and also a key area for growth in the entry performance segment.

The M6 for example is a distinctive car for a highly distinctive segment.
And also allows the transition for the M Brand to have the Core M models bookended by the M Performance cars.
Whereas the M3 and M4 is the entry segment's sports car so the overall look will commence with a fine balance between evolutionary and revolutionary in both appearance, material technology and engineering. It cannot just be a shrunken down M6, it has to have its own identity and in the case of the M4 even more so.
Step 1.