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I much prefer the front of the A7 to the GranSport. The rear of the A7 looks much better in person, and you will probably get more cargo space and rear headroom due to the higher slope, but it still looks a little weird. I'm not crazy about the rear of the GranSport either but it's not bad, it will probably grow on me. Interior would have to go to the BMW. I like the Audi interior too, but things like the T shaped gear shift, 4 spoke steering wheel, and the pop-up nav screen make me like the BMW more. But I do love the matte finished wood in the Audi, the big screen in between the gauges, how more of the controls are located near the gearshift like start button.
They're both amazing cars imho...

edit: I just noticed the GranSport has a third seat belt in the middle...I hope that's just for car seats for children. Sitting there would be quite awkward.

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