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Originally Posted by car_fan View Post
I was speaking more or less on the platform. It appears to be more of an F01/F07 coupe(based on interior ambiance etc..) than an F10 with 2 doors if that makes sense That being said the F12/F13 drives totally different from any of the current "F" series sedans.
Just looked up BMW UK's website and the 760iL comes in at 125k and the 650i Coupe at 105k with all options loaded if that means anything.

I've always seen the 7 series as the platform that introduces new technology that then filters to the other platforms. Obviously the 7 and 6 series appeal to a different set of buyers (or maybe two different moods of the same buyer if they are wealthy enough), but I certainly see the new 6 Gran Coupe being the flagship product once released (and probably at least as expensive as well) and would bet that newer technology is introduced in it (a bit like the B&O sound system in the Coupe/Convertible).