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hmm ...

The term flagship is also used to describe the top or main vehicle manufactured by automotive marque. These vehicles are usually, but not always, the most expensive, prestigious and largest vehicles in the line-up. The term is most often applied to sedans and usually only those manufactured by luxury automobile marques. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one example, and the BMW 7-Series is another.
The term "halo car" is often used in automotive marketing and journalism to refer to the flagship vehicle. The term is derived from the halo effect, the tendency for a favorable trait to influence the perception of subsequent traits in a sequence of interpretations; it appears to have been used as early as 1938.[3]"

We have the 750li and will probably get a 650 grand coupe when it comes out so I am fine either way.

The reason I love the new 6 series is because it stands out from the 7, and 5.