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Originally Posted by car_fan View Post
I'm confused as I always thought the 7 held the top spot (with the exception of some M variants as well as niche cars like the Z8). While watching Adrian Van Hoodydonk explain the design concepts of the F12/F13 6 Series he stated the following: "The projected customer for the 6er is looking for sporty elegance and BMW considers the 6er to be the ‘top of the range."
The normal definition "top of the range" is "top of the price list".
The result might differ from country to country, due to how taxes make impact on pricing.

Examples (in round figures to make it easy) from Norway, where cars are heavily taxed in general and punished for high emissions, weight and power:

BMW 640i Coupe: NOK 1200000 (USD 200000)
BMW 740i: NOK 1350000 (USD 225000)

BMW 650i Coupe: NOK 1600000 (USD 265000)
BMW 750i: NOK 1700000 (USD 280000)

So the heavier car is the more expensive. A neutral tax would make the 6 and 7 series almost equal.

Conclusion: The tax authority is the winner
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